February 13, 2007

Welcome to the New Year installment of the EUS Market Wire. We are well into 2007 and we are all full of excitement and anticipation of another year. Either that or we’re really cold and getting cabin fever. Not too many changes to report in the marketplace at this point in the year but we at EUS are working on some cool new opportunities that we hope come to fruition soon. Pricing continues to soften with the carriers being aggressive on just about all aspects of coverage. It is a great time to go after new accounts. We have seen great success in writing new business as we have focused on coverage enhancements and pricing to ensure customer satisfaction. We love the unique and the difficult, those are the challenges that make it all worthwhile. We are also striving to make sure that our service is top notch and always welcome any constructive criticism to make sure we are on track and are meeting your expectations. As always, we appreciate any opportunities that come our way.

One area of coverage that continues to grow is Contractors Pollution Liability (CPL) with Mold enhancement. We have seen this portion of the market especially getting more flexible. I believe the underwriters are much more comfortable with the exposures associated with general contractors. We have been able to place coverage for roofers, commercial and residential general contractors, drywall contractors, window/door contractors, insulation contractors and a bevy of others in this field. Please consider offering this coverage to your clients from these types of categories. At the very least, you are protecting yourself from errors and omissions. In addition, if their regular casualty programs are seeing rate reductions, Mold coverage may be a great way to round out their total program. Please contact us if you would like to pursue.

Also, please look out for our little advertisement in the February Agent & Broker magazine, their "environmental" issue. One other piece of information is that we hope to have our website up and running very shortly. We hope to make it a useful resource for you.

For the purpose of our newsletter, we will use the following common acronyms as related to environmental coverages (this may seem to be too elementary but just to make sure we are all on the same page...please be patient with us):

  • GL - General Liability
  • AL - Auto Liability (often including physical damage)
  • E&O - Professional Liability (always including pollution component)
  • CPL - Contractors Pollution Liability
  • TPL - Transit Pollution Liability (either contingent or owned)
  • PLL or EIL - Site Pollution Liability (i.e. fixed location coverage)
  • PPL - Products Pollution Liability
  • UST - Underground Storage Tank Liability
  • UMB/XS - Umbrella or Excess Liability (usually including a pollution component)
  • WC - Workers Compensation
  • C-PC - Closure/Post Closure Liability
  • RCC - Remediation Cost Cap or Stop Gap Liability
  • MOLD - Mold Liability

Keeping the acronym excitement within bounds, recently written accounts include the following:

Environmental Analytical Laboratory

UST Testing Contractor

Wildlife Biology Consulting Firm

Geophysical and Hydrogeological Engineering Firm

Medical Waste Treatment and Collection Firm

Landfill and Surface Impoundment Lining Contractor

Civil Engineering Firm Specializing in Wastewater Disciplines

Asbestos Abatement and Demolition Contractor

Above Ground Storage Tank and Containment Contractor

Petroleum Storage Tank and Convenience Store Contractor

Asbestos/Lead/Mold Contractor with Incidental Consulting

Marine Based Emergency Spill Response Contractor

Water Resource and Wastewater Systems Consultant and Contractor

Fire/Water Restoration and Mold Remediation Contractor


Agricultural Herbicide/Pesticide Applicator

Municipal Solid Waste Landfill

Unexploded Ordinance Surveying and Removal Contractor

Industrial Cleaning and Petrochemical Maintenance Contractor

Environmental Consultant/Contractor

Wow, was that your head that just hit the desk? Well, sorry we’ve put you to sleep once again but maybe, just maybe you’ll see something up above that will provide some ideas on accounts that we can successfully work on together.

As always, we want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank our agents and brokers for continuing their loyal support of our operation. The opportunities that all of you send to us keeps us working hard and productive, a good place to be! We cannot express how much we look forward to our continuing partnership with each and every one of you. There are many ways to place business in the marketplace and it is ONLY with your support that we can continue to prosper. We realize how important this fact is and will always do our best for you. If you have any questions, accounts, scenarios, etc. that you would like us to review or discuss, please contact us at your convenience.

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