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Industry Articles

Environmental Solutions in Solvent Recycling That Will Save You Money
By Mike Robbins

Distillation is the simple process of heating a mixture of ingredients until a solvent or other selected material evaporates-then cooling and condensing that vapor into a pure liquid. Alcohol has been produced this way since time immemorial and today the process is being used by large and small companies to reduce their waste streams and recover reusable products, thus saving significant cost. Read More

Environmental Solutions
By Mike Robbins

One of the many ag news sources I digest (Get it?) recently reported that many dairymen throughout the country are closing down their dairies, selling the cows, and preparing to plant corn and soybeans instead. This is largely due to the fact that dairy work is long, hard and arduous, and the lure of money from the ethanol market seems like a much better gig. It is a shift that can make a lot of sense, but look for it to have an effect on milk, and other dairy prices. This brings me to my point. The ripple effect in economy and environment. Read More

Smog and Acid Rain
By C. Jent 

Particularly for large metropolitan cities, smog and poor air quality is a pressing environmental problem. Smog primarily consists of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, volatile organic compounds chemically interacting with heat from sunlight forming ground level ozone. Smog is that familiar haze most commonly found surrounding large cities, particularly in the summer time. Smog and ground level ozone contribute to all kinds of respiratory problems ranging from temporary discomfort, asthma, to long-lasting, permanent lung damage. The pollutants in smog come from vehicle emissions, smokestack emissions, paints, and solvents - most of which started out as crude oil.. Read More

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